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I specialise on servcing and restoring electronics and mechanics. One particular thing I always loved are the audio reel to reel tape machines. Over the years I have worked on consumer, semi-pro, and professional machines. It started all as a hobby. And I do this for some 30 years. But I turned it into a business. Why ? Well, the digital world is an addition, not a replacement. Combined experiences over the years has brought me to a level that cannot be learned anymore as we become very rare, soon to be extinct ? Knowledge gets lost all the time. A lot of studio owners had the tendency to go digital, dropping analogue. Some studios chose to keep both, a wise decision. Analoque vs digital does not exist. Both have their advantages, and both have their limitations. But certain recordings can only be obtained with a well calibrated analogue tape machine. Try to attract birds with a digital reproduction. I register all acoustical artists with analogue and portable machinery. This brings me to my absolute love for every professional portable reel to reel machine on batteries. Analogue is not dead, if it was, there would be no people, no animals, no plants, no world, no universe. I service machines because it is the combination of top notch design and, very high, sound recording and reproduction qualities. We need to keep these machines alive as the world needs tape. I will service Kudelski, Lyrec, Stellavox, Studer, and many more machines. All of them are very fine machines when brought back into healthy condition. I have a history with electrocompaniet. I can help you with the former line of EC, ak the old series from Per Abrahamsen. This site is updated frequently to display restorations I have completed. The shop is not fully functional yet. Some items will be for sale, some are just there for infromational purpose. If you are thinking to lease a multitrack machine, that is an option. But basically it is for the Netherlands only. Special services on Stellavox equipment still continues. Please contact me if you need services for your equipment, or have a question
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